What is a Jewish Montessori Education?

A Jewish Montessori Education encompasses a hands-on and child centered learning environment. The Montessori method involves concrete, sensory-based, individualized learning activities in a group setting. Our approach fully integrates Jewish and secular studies by creating and using Montessori material design principles to accurately and meaningfully foster Jewish belief and practice.

In a Montessori classroom there is no ceiling to what a child can achieve. The primary goal of a Montessori Education is developing an independent, self disciplined, self motivated  and confident child. 

An Integrated Jewish Learning Montessori School


​​​​Pedagogically, our program is tied to the best principles and practices of Montessori education while being inclusive of developmental, and emergent philosophies; we follow the child. We accomplish this vision by focusing on innovation and continuous teacher training. ​​

We believe that support for this type of early childhood education is key to cultivating responsible, humane individuals with strong ties to their Jewish identities, and motivated life long learners.​​